The Lands of the wolves

Welcome to the lands of the wolves. We have just moved to forumotion and are adapting to the fast change. We are still alive and will soon have things fixed. Please be patient. Thanks.
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 The Rules of the pack

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PostSubject: The Rules of the pack   Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:48 pm

-You may cuss, but lets keep it pg. Do not flood the site with cussing though.
-Please respect staff members. They are trying to help you have the best time possible.
-No racist behavior will be tolerated whatsoever. Racist remarks will get you banned with 0 warning.
-Respect your fellow members! They are here to have fun just as you are!
-Please use your best grammar possible.
-Do not use Sms. Take your time.We are not texting each other. Ex. (whts up? Hru? nm. u?)
-Do not post constant posts all over the place. It is known as spam.
-If you are a troll, you will not last long so go away.
-Please do not break the rules.
-For the advertisement board, you must have a place where we can link back.

Roleplay Rules

-You must fill out the character form before your character can be used.
-Please to not Godplay. Ex. If battling, give the other person time to do their attacks. Do not just say "John saw Paul and killed him with his death ray." You need to preform attacks. Not always just "I won and that's it."
-Only one thread at a time please.
-Do not just push your way into an active role play session. Please ask first.

Thanks for reading the laws of the land! Please be sure to follow them!
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The Rules of the pack
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